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Short-Term Care

Recover from illness or injury
on your own terms


When injury or illness strikes, many families are unprepared. In addition to the initial hospital stay and related financial stress, there is also the time and money spent in recovery. Having to stay in a nursing facility can be expensive and, even after you are discharged, you can continue to incur charges due to additional costs for rehabilitation and therapy.

Short-Term Care coverage can provide benefits for up to 360 days for nursing facility stays. This coverage comes with premiums that can be more affordable than some long-term care options. It is also a viable solution if you don’t anticipate a lengthy stay in a nursing facility. This coverage is also ideal as a supplement that can be used during a long-term care policy’s waiting period. And, unlike some long-term care policies, prior hospitalization is not required to be eligible for benefits.

Plan Includes*

  • No prior hospitalization required
  • Flexible benefit amounts and periods
  • Restoration of benefits after being treatment-free for 180 days
  • Full benefits paid for Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive impairments
  • 10% household discount available for qualified applicants**

*See Outline of Coverage for additional details.

**Household discount may be applied if you are married or have you continuously resided with another person for the last 12 consecutive months and your spouse or the other person either already has an existing Short-Term Care Policy with us or is he or she applying for one at this time.