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The Doctor Will 'Virtually' See You Now
Hannah Harrison
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The Doctor Will 'Virtually' See You Now

Written By: Sherri Oliver

Have you done it yet? Have you had a virtual doctor's appointment? It's as easy as...Telemedicine. That's not for you? Well, COVID-19 has changed the way we do a lot of things, one being doctors' visits. More employers are including it in benefits packages.

Physically going to the doctor's office is important, but remote medical treatment is on the rise and has its perks. In March 2021, just under 52% of Americans said telehealth has allowed them to visit their physician more often.1

Other advantages include not having to travel, saving time, talking to the doctor within the comforts of home and appointment availability. 

Patient hesitancy to participate in telemedicine can vary anywhere from concerns about the quality of care, diagnosis errors, and/or exam challenges. There's really no need to worry; telemedicine technology isn't new. It's actually been around since the late 1960s through the use of closed-circuit television to support NASA's needs.

Over the last 50 years plus healthcare reform, modernization of health IT systems and research have produced telemedicine capabilities that assist doctors in giving the proper and necessary care.

Health care maintenance and/or a bit of counseling is the key to living your best life. Give it a try. Schedule your telemedicine appointment today.

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