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Staying Cancer Conscious
Deborah Buck
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Staying Cancer Conscious

As the fall season sets in, there is a lot to think about… especially this year. You may be managing a virtual school year, sports and recreation, and before you know it, the holidays. One thing to always keep in mind is your health. With COVID-19 being constantly talked about, it’s easy to forget or even forgo regular doctor check-ups. 


However, cancer screenings for early detection and treatment are important. Monthly cancer awareness programs are great reminders of this, and fall is no exception. October is National Breast Cancer awareness month, November is Lung and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and December is host to Cancer Screen Week, December 7-11. The year round effort, through cancer awareness campaigns, is to highlight the importance of physical wellness and the necessary exams to maintain it.


Now is a good time to take a moment to review your current health insurance policy then follow-up with a physician for much needed wellness exams. Some insurance policies such as, BankersWorksite® Accident and Critical Illness insurances offer wellness benefits that can assist with screenings. Talk to your Human Resource staff for more information or go to


Check out the American Cancer Society for great guidelines on early detection of the following cancers:

•       Breast

•       Lung

•       Pancreatic


See the Year-Round Cancer Awareness Calendar.

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