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Holiday Highs & Low, Low, Lows

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Written By: Sherri Oliver

The holidays are just about here. For some, it's a joyful season. For others, not so much - 88% of Americans feel the holiday season is the most stressful time of year, and for 84% of those individuals, excessive feelsings of stress start as early as November...

Wellness at Work

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Written By: Sherri Oliver

Being of sound mind and a healthy body can prolong life expectancy as well as increase productivity at work. Wellness matters and a good way to embark on a well-rounded wellness journey is through various employer-sponsored wellness programs...

Stressed Out?

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Written By: Sherri Oliver

Many of us have been dealing with unfathomable amounts of stress. Political unrest and violence; the loss of family, friends and employment, business, savings...

Eatin' Good

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Written by: Sherri Oliver

A few months into the New Year, March hosts National Nutrition Month. Coming off the heels of when most people vow to exercise more and make healthier food choices, this awareness campaign is structured to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle...